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KHebeZ Dawle’s EDC Clothing recommendation for Festivals & Raves [2020]

I am the new owner of KHebeZ Dawle & I’m going to be talking all about the EDC Clothing & rave fashion trends that I think are going to be huge in 2020. Our band always loved EDC music & the Rave Culture.  Therefore today we are giving you some fashion advice that will help you identify some significant trends in Rave and EDC clothing and fashion. This just seems to keep growing in popularity, and we believe that some cool moments happened this year. We continue to see it push and evolve and get more significant, and more people are getting involved, and we really can’t wait to see what exciting things are going to come out in 2020.

What we think is going to trend in 2020/2021 Rave & EDC Clothing

I think in general, the animal print had a massive year, leopard print in particular. Still, we saw a lot of that and matching sets and outfits and jackets and bodysuits and All of the above that also falls under the category of a cowboy. There was a lot of cow print, cowboy hats, like cowboy kind themed outfits that were enormous chaps, like all that kind of stuff. Another one, we would say, is mesh kind of like evolves. We feel like it can kind of always work depending on what type of EDC clothing it is, but we did see a lot of mesh this year and like see-through things happening.

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Hats are picking up pace in EDC/Festival Costumes

Captain’s hats festival at EDC’s? Hats have sort of been growing head in EDC outfits, where I think in general has been increasing, but I DIY my own captain’s hat. There were a lot of hats this year and headpieces. We put leather cutouts, very little to no EDC clothing that are way more expressive. We’re inspired a little bit more, where we feel like that’s kind of been a thing this year.

We wore checkerboard outfits at EDC this colossal year. We saw checkerboard everywhere, that’s what you saw in 2019 now there’s been some stuff coming out towards the end of the year here that I think is going to continue into like early 2020 and some of the first festivals that will kick off festival season like in March & April.

Footwear has now become fancier in Festivals & Raves

The first thing we want to start with is fancy footwear. We as Khebez feel like people are beginning to step up their footwear for festivals. We tried out these huge platforms shoes because they became very trendy this year. We saw a lot of our friends who are fellow content, musical band and influencers wearing these cool shoes and different styles and patterns. They have buckles and their platforms to step up your shoe game.

People buy them but don’t wear that one for the longest time, because when it came down to it, theya are like- I want to be comfortable, and I want to dance, and I want to shuffle – and I can’t do any of the things I love in these shoes. They’re beautiful, and they’re going to look good in a photo.

So we decided to try them on, and we wore them at EDC Orlando, and they were a million times more comfortable than we thought they were going to be, so they are wearable for festivals. 100 % could be an option. Should you wear them all three days of the festival? No, but they’re an option. They weren’t as bad as we thought they would be. However, we believe that people will be stepping up their footwear game in 2020.

We have these sneakers that we wear to every show, & that is more practical, but we do see a lot more fancy footwear happening in 2020. We think we’re going to see more of these cool platform boots and chains and all different kinds of buckles and all of the things crazy, colours. We just see people getting more expressive with their shoes because, in the past, we have been preaching here on Khebez Dawle’s Blog when we give people EDC clothing tips.

The number one thing everyone says is to wear comfortable shoes because you’re going to be on your feet. For hours so anyway, that is one of the things that we think is going to be big in 2020.

Female EDC Outfits are picking up in 2020/2021

We see a massive spike in more feminine wear. There was like a vast pickup in skirts towards the end of this year, which we’re personally a fan of. We never thought girls would wear a dress to a festival, but you’ve seen all of these EDC clothing companies all of a sudden coming out with skirts, whether see-through or not just a little Taiwan’s or like just typical skirts that you can wear skater, skirts and dresses. We think that’s going to continue because I feel like it’s kind of this cute being practical and dancing and sweating.

But then also girly and cute, when wearing something that you would wear for like a night out but to a festival which you wouldn’t usually put those two things together.

So we think we’re going to keep seeing more skirts, more dresses, more feminine kind of styles this year in EDC clothing.

Body Art is also booming a lot from the past few years

The next one is body, art and stickers, so that was becoming a big thing. It might have been a shop, easy tiger freedom raid, where they have some stuff on their website. We also just got these from those websites, and we had to show them because we’re obsessed with butterflies, but they sent us these temporary tattoos. This is going to be on us at a festival next year, so we can see people wearing more. Buying stickers, body art and flash tattoos were a huge thing like years ago. We can see more body art, starting to happen as a trend in 2020.

Glitter is also a part of Rave & EDC Outfits

The next thing is biodegradable glitter, so we will be the first band to have shown glitter on our site. We’ve done glitter hauls, glitter reviews and we have never used biodegradable glitter, and it was something that we knew about. Still, we weren’t fully comprehending our impact on the environment. There have been more studies coming out about how harmful glitter is and the plastics that are just being washed out into the ocean.

So we want to use more biodegradable glitter next year, and we think that just in general plastic is something that we’re moving away from. We can see companies like really pushing biodegradable glitter and for a good reason.

Bell bottom Pants could be a trend this year

We saw so many companies coming out with their versions of bell-bottoms. This year we used to wear bell-bottoms all the time in elementary schools, like the 90s, which was popular. We wore bail bonds from LC and Fred, which was a matching set to EDC Orlando, and they were so cute. They were all sequined Orange, and they were a little bit meshed too so that you could see through them. So we do see pants continuing to be a big thing, especially like in the winter.

If you have winter EDC festivals, long sleeves and pants are the way to go, and it is still a little cute. You can see your bottoms through it. We see pants continuing to being a trend. Reflective pants and things like that: okay chains, chains on chains on chains, body chains, harnesses skirts, all of them. We think there was a pickup this year, a little bit in a sort of like this wear. Kind of a trend that’s happening with the same length, leather and garter belts and body chains.

Reflective Outfits are a Huge thing right now

Okay, reflective wear is going to be huge, it’s kind of huge right now, so we’re curious to see if it just like expands or if it kind of has its moment in winter and then like dies down. That might be the case, but Purge Culture has just launched a solid reflective line. They have an adorable range of like tops and bottoms that we think are cool, especially for festivals and EDC clothing. When you’re taking pictures doing videos- and things like that. It looks incredible at night time when all the lights are hitting it and when you’re taking flash photography. So I do think we’re going to see the reflective fashion trend continue.


This was a post basically on suggesting you the best EDC clothing that is going to be popular in 2020. We at Khebez Dawle are huge fans of EDM, and we are so much into electronic dance music. Follow us on Facebook if you like our music.

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